Title Product news Registration date 2023.04.28 10:08
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Innovation to improve image quality by reducing power and design complexity in high-performance CT detectors  

ams OSRAM brought new innovation to the market in our AS5911, a 256-channel analog-to-digital converter (ADC) for digitizing signals from photodiode arrays in high-performance computed tomography (CT) scanners was recently launched. 
It provides best-in-class power to noise performance to achieve the highest image quality of next-generation CT scanners. This helps medical practitioners to improve diagnostic value, and ultimately leads to better outcomes for patients. 


Better measurement through improved performance in visible and Infrared light for diagnostic applications in wearables  

The new TOPLED® D5140, SFH 2202, is a photodiode with improved performance including higher sensitivity to visible light in the green part of the spectrum, and increased linearity. 
Wearable devices using the new photodiode will be able to improve heart rate and blood oxygen measurement in challenging ambient light conditions. It achieves 30 times higher linearity in the infrared spectrum than standard photodiodes.