Title Light that gets under the skin for next-generation diagnostics Registration date 2022.05.02 14:47
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People are paying attention to their personal health and fitness – a trend accelerated by the COVID 19 Pandemic. Digitization and miniaturization are revealing new ways to reliably and comfortably monitor health conditions and track vital signs at the point of care.

To facilitate a healthier lifestyle, LED and optical sensor technology are essential building blocks. Miniaturized light-emitting, sensing and signal processing solutions from ams OSRAM are low energy and offer the highest levels of accuracy. This means we can enable best-in-class medical X-ray and CT imaging as well as less invasive examinations, for example with the ultra-compact NanEye camera module. In medical lighting we offer the most power efficient, pure white light emitters.

ams OSRAM brings together innovative light-emitting and optical sensor solutions for advanced fitness tracking and health monitoring applications – be it in smartphones or medical-grade wearable devices. As a leading supplier of vital sign monitoring solutions, we pioneer key technologies like IR emitters and miniaturized sensors. Our efficient LEDs, more sensitive photodiodes, and high-performance sensor solutions improve the signal quality to enable the user to detect biosignals like PPG, PTT, blood pressure, SpO2, temperature and more. The devices also consume less power so that wearables can measure more frequently without excessively shortening the battery life.

Affordable solutions for remote monitoring and point-of-care diagnostics help reduce doctors' appointments and expensive laboratory testing. By thinking outside the box, we have developed a cost-effective lateral flow-testing module based on spectral-sensing technology that is ideal for rapid, cloud-based readout solutions.

Partnering with our customers, our engineering experts create the health solutions of tomorrow to make life better for everyone.