Title Shaping the future by combining sensors and emitters Registration date 2022.04.01 10:08
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Mobile World Congress Barcelona (MWC), one of the most influential exhibitions for the mobile connectivity industry, is around the corner. It will confirm what we already saw last month at CES: sensors and optical technologies are everywhere. They are fundamental for improved and new use cases across digital health, smart home, computing and mobile devices of every kind. Notably in consumer technologies, including augmented and virtual reality, it is all about connecting machines to each other, making them smart and sustainable, allowing them to interact with humans.

Optical technology plays a crucial role by closing the gap between the physical and the digital world.

At ams OSRAM our expertise is in combining sensors, emitters and software to bring to light the information that our environment holds. Our job is to enable our customers to develop the products and solutions that make life better for everyone.

Our MWC virtual showroom puts the latest technologies at your fingertips, directly where and when you need it. Experience leading-edge optical technologies for mobile and consumer, automotive, health, and industry. Learn how our broad portfolio of miniaturized solutions enhance displays, enable smart access, create perfect images, monitor vital signs, and enable smart glasses for AR/VR applications and creates personalized experiences in automotive. And find out how our UV-C technology makes the world cleaner and safer.

Visit our virtual showroom or get in touch to discuss how we can help with your designs.