Title How to replace complicated passwords with more secure and convenient biometrics! Registration date 2020.12.22 11:38
Writer ACX Co., LTD. Views 132

We all love to hate our passwords: remembering them, changing them every 90 days, meeting their complicated requirements – so many characters, upper and lower case, including numbers and special characters, and difficult enough to evade hacking techniques.


Thankfully, they are becoming a thing of the past, replaced by Fast Identity Online (FIDO). As a leading supplier of 3D sensing technologies underpinning facial recognition in consumer devices, vehicles, and industrial applications, ams decided to join the FIDO Alliance, a consortium of the world’s leading technology companies, dedicated to changing the way online authentication is done.


In our latest blog post, Fabrice Couadou, marketing director for 3D software solutions at ams, explains how face recognition technology will accelerate adoption of biometric solutions that are far more secure and easier to use than passwords.

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