Title ams Sensors Update on small form-factor color and flicker detection sensor for maximum display size Registration date 2020.12.15 09:16
Writer ACX Co., LTD. Views 138

Delivering the ambient light/RGB color and flicker sensing in the small area available in bezel-less and ultra-narrow bezel smartphones requires a tightly-engineered circuit and package. Available in an ultra-small 2 mm x 1 mm x 0.5 mm foot-print, ams TCS3410 ALS can easily fit in the water drop notch for the selfie camera or in the ultra-narrow bezel of a smartphone, helping you to realize designs which maximize the screen-to-body ratio and hence the viewable display area.


Smartphones which take advantage of the extended capabilities and improved performance of the TCS3410 can offer smoother and more responsive display-brightness management even in the most challenging low light conditions; superior camera performance with better white balancing and image color correction; and the elimination of artefacts in camera images and videos induced by high frequency flickering from artificial light sources.


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