Title Join ams at virtual CES 2021 Registration date 2021.01.08 09:46
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While we miss seeing you in Las Vegas this year, you are able to see the latest innovations from ams in optical sensing solutions for mobile, consumer, automotive and industrial at virtual CES 2021. We continue to push the boundaries to create higher performance, intelligent, and miniaturized sensors that help create technology for a better lifestyle. Our cutting-edge sensor solutions integrate easily into your roadmaps, and provide a competitive edge for your business, enabling you to build products that do not exist today.


With our 360-degree virtual showroom on, you can experience market-leading and award-winning sensor solutions that are shaping new applications like: 3D technology, including solid-state LiDAR in automotive and facial recognition in mobile, computing, and hygienic and secure contactless building access; spectral sensing for Lateral Flow tests for Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2), including smartphone-enabled pandemic control capability; the world’s smallest digital camera module for wearable devices like VR headsets; time-of-flight sensors for front and world-facing applications; x-ray imaging solutions for medical, security and industrial applications.

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