Title Our new miniature ambient light sensors are a perfect fit for edge-to-edge smartphone displays Registration date 2021.03.15 09:43
Writer ACX Co., LTD. Views 213

You probably already know that ams offers the industry’s widest portfolio of optical sensors for display management and camera management in mobile phones. Now, our latest offering provides discrete ambient light and flicker sensing capabilities, extending the choices available to phone manufacturers even further, and enabling you to further expand the boundaries of smartphone screen-to-body ratio and display management performance.


By selecting the TSL2520/21 to maximize the viewable screen area, smartphone manufacturers can provide the best possible user experience while enabling effective camera image correction. Designed to fit in the gap between the display screen and the chassis of a smartphone, high optical sensitivity and programmable gain give you the flexibility to choose the ideal glass and ink to deliver superior low-light performance, while accurate lux measurements and flicker detect capability up to 7kHz enable excellent display management and camera image correction.


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