Title Transferring micro-camera innovation from medical endoscopes to VR headsets Registration date 2021.03.02 09:36
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When you think of the industry’s smallest digital camera module targeting consumer solutions, do you think ams?

Perhaps not (yet!), however for some years already NanEye micro cameras have had a loyal following among the manufacturers of the medical endoscopes that send sharp, real-time images from inside the human body – providing vital data that can save lives.


Now we are transferring the benefits of the NanEye’s tiny dimensions and high image quality to give manufactures of consumer devices easier and faster access to differentiating and innovative applications.

At 1mm2, the new surface-mount NanEyeC image sensor’s wafer-level integrated optics make it possible to integrate into any size-constrained application to add visualization.

The 100kpixel resolution and deep focal range provide the image quality and low power consumption needed for eye tracking in VR headsets and other consumer devices, while convenient digital output is easy to integrate in microcontroller- or applications processor-based systems.


  * Read the press release – and request a NanoBerry evaluation kit uses a NanEyeC image sensor – at:

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