Title POS Newsletter - Capacitive Sensing Registration date 2021.02.09 09:22
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We are excited to share with you the latest news about our recently launched capacitive sensor AS8579.

We will introduce you to its many application areas – hands-on detection, presence and fluid-level sensing.




Autonomous driving is rapidly becoming the megatrend in the Automotive industry. Besides comfort, the main motivation of driver assistance systems is a safer driving experience.


Recognizing drivers’ hands on the steering wheel is one of many necessary assistance systems, that are already part of regulations like UN/ECE R79.



ams is providing a highly-reliable capacitive sensor solution for hands-on detection.

The I&Q demodulation based capacitive sensor separates the measured capacitance into the parasitic resistive and capacitive part. Therefore the sensor is ideal for detecting human presence or interaction as well as sensing different liquid and fluid levels.