Title Innovations in time-of-flight sensing: a game-changer for modern industries Registration date 2023.09.07 10:22
Writer ACX Co., LTD. Views 281
The future has always been driven by those who dare to innovate, so we are excited to usher in a new era with direct time-of-flight (dToF) sensing for an unlimited range of new and diverse applications.  

Our R&D efforts have led to breakthroughs that contribute to redefining how dToF sensors can be used across industrial, mobile, and consumer markets. Imagine a world where robots 'see' their surroundings and also use light to communicate with us and each other. Picture automatically-guided vehicles with advanced obstacle detection systems with a range of up to five meters, making human-machine interaction safer in any environment or under any conditions.  

The latest addition to our portfolio, the TMF882x is to our knowledge the world’s smallest multi-zone dToF module. With game-changing range, accuracy, and cost-at-scale, it represents a significant step forward, especially in applications like laser detect auto-focus, robotic navigation, and gesture recognition systems. This is just the starting point. We intend to support design engineers in their challenges by ensuring that our innovations are easy to access and integrate. Dive deeper into this journey with our latest engineer-to-engineer blog article and explore the potential of dToF sensing and its transformative impact on current and upcoming engineering projects. Let us push the boundaries of what is possible.