Title New Products with a focus on Industrial Applications Registration date 2023.03.30 10:29
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New space-saving surface-mount edge-emitting laser diode that features narrow 110 µm aperture 

The SPL S1L90H_3 is one of the first surface-mount edge-emitting lasers to have an aperture as small as 110 µm, which enables the application to produce a narrow beam. The 905 nm infrared technology is optimized for short-pulsed LiDAR applications. The SMT package enables easy-to-use within pick-and-place and reflow soldering processes. 


New OSLON® UV 3535 mid power products with design innovations and leading performance enrich ams OSRAM's UV-C LED portfolio  

The new OSLON® UV 3535 series of mid-power UV-C LEDs meet customers’ requirements for longer lifetime, higher output power and easier system integration. 275 nm typical wavelength making them ideal for use in consumer or industrial applications such as water purification or air conditioning systems.