Title ams OSRAM New Products Registration date 2023.03.28 16:35
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New IR LEDs cut costs & raise performance of in-cabin monitoring systems 

The first new members of the OSLON® Black family of infrared (IR) LEDs with rectangular 4:3 field of illumination provide an application-specific enhancement delivering increased value and performance to automotive manufacturers. The new SFH47278AS A01 or SFH47267AS A01 emitters enable manufacturers to avoid the need for secondary optics, reducing design cost and complexity. Their optimized field of illumination produces improved optical power distribution and homogeneity for better, more reliable IR imaging in the cabin. 

UV-A/B/C radiation monitoring now more affordable   

ams OSRAM has launched a new high-sensitivity three-channel CMOS sensor that brings UV dosage and exposure monitoring within reach of cost-sensitive devices for home use. The AS7331 provides separate sensor channels for UV-A, UV-B and UV-C – a new combination in a CMOS sensor. This small device in a radiation-hardened surface-mount package enables manufacturers to accurately limit emissions from a UV-C light source to the required dose, improving performance, saving power, and giving better value to end users.

Clean air, water and surfaces 

The new OSLON® UV 3535 offers high germicidal effectiveness (275 nm) along with its robust and industry standard 3535 ceramic (5mW) package footprint and high cost-performance ratio. 

The OSLON® UV series is designed to provide efficient UV-C radiation for but not limited to home goods and consumer applications. It allows for flexible designs for various types of UV-C applications in the areas of air, water and surface purification, as well as treatment or sensing. Design possibilities are endless and range from point-of-use water treatment to air purification in portal devices or air conditioning systems.