Title Why are consumer appliance manufacturers going ‘contactless?’ Registration date 2021.06.16 11:04
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Old-style buttons, switches or sensors on all manner of consumer appliance are prone to eventual failure – only so many times will they mechanically work before becoming stressed, fatigued, or contaminated with grease or dirt. As such mechanisms are inherently unreliable, manufacturers are turning instead to contactless, solid-state solutions to detect the rotation of a knob, the press of a button, or the position of a robot. The home appliance and consumer device markets are highly competitive, so the value of ams-OSRAM’ AS5600 is becoming ever more apparent.

The tiny AS5600 is being used by manufacturers of home appliances, consumer robots, toys and more to save space and weight, boost performance and improve reliability. In fact, a system based on the AS5600 can be operated millions of times without any degradation. It is even suitable for use in battery-powered devices, thanks to its low-power modes which reduce power consumption almost to nothing when the sensor is not in active use. This helps it to achieve better efficiency ratings, meeting standards like the new EU consumer labelling scheme for consumer products. And we have not even got to the benefits of stray field immunity.

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